What is SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization – what is it and how can you utilize SEO strategies to bump up your website to page one of Google?

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization encompasses a variety of steps that will help your website move up the ranks in Google. And when it comes to online real estate page one is where you want to be.

Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide. (source: Internetlivestats.com)

Google is the number one search engine in the world and we ALL want to show up on page one!

However, Google only wants two kinds of sites to show up on page one:

  • the BEST websites with the most useful information
  • websites that are willing to PAY for advertising

How to Get to Page One on Google?

How does Google decide which information is valuable? Well, they don’t really – they have “robots” or “crawlers” that do the work for them. It is automated. Here are some of things Google looks at when ranking your site.

Getting Quality Backlinks Will Help

Backlinks are links from other sites leading to your site. Basically, if you provide quality information that is useful and engaging you will get links back from other sites to your site. These are called backlinks. And quality is more important than quantity.

Where can you get backlinks? Well, it is a process and not something that happens overnight. And if you hire someone to do your SEO for you and they get you 100 backlinks in one day it is a red flag. Google “crawlers” and “robots” are looking for quality links only and if your site is found to have low quality backlinks you will actually be “demoted” by Google and you will not show up in page one – in fact you will be lucky if your site shows up at all.

What are quality links? Quality links are legitimate links from real websites leading to your website. Where can you get backlinks? Well, you can submit your website to places like:

You can also write blog posts that answer questions your customers might have. As a web designer and digital marketer I am asked about SEO all the time – so here I am writing a blog post. I believe that if I answer the SEO questions people are asking then perhaps they will share my website with others and/or link back to it from their own website, blog or social media page. Voila! A backlink šŸ™‚

Providing Links to Relevant Information

It is important that you are a subject matter expert in your field. How will anyone know if you are a subject matter expert if you don’t share information on your website? In addition to providing potential customers and clients with relevant information that will help them – you may also want to provide them with links to helpful information.

Look above – see how I provided links to Yelp, Yellow Pages and 411? I am linking out to other sites but only to sites that I consider to be helpful to my clients and customers.

Using Keywords in Your Post

Keywords are important. There is no point in writing about “What is SEO” if I don’t use those keywords somewhere in my post. I like to use keywords in the title of a post as well as in the first paragraph and last paragraph.

Don’t make the mistake of “stuffing” your post with keywords or phrases – it makes it difficult to read and it won’t get you any brownie points with Google.

If you use WordPress you can install an excellent SEO plug-in called Yoast that is easy to use and makes adding keywords simple and easy.

Rename Your Images with your Keywords

Strange huh? But Google “robots” and “crawlers” can’t see your images – they just read them. So when you upload your image to your blog or website rename it with your keywords. The image at the top of this post? It’s called what-is-seo. Hopefully, Google bots will find it and pop it into page one šŸ™‚



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