A Website or a Blog? What’s the Difference?

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur chances are you are considering having a blog for your business. When I teach WordPress for Beginners, participants often ask “Should I start a business blog?” Here is my answer:

Every small business owner and entrepreneur should consider starting a blog. However, you do not have to have a blog to have a successful business.

The Difference Between a Website and a Blog

A blog is a section of your website that you consistently update with new content. A blog is not always called a “Blog” it can also be called “News” “Articles” “Updates” etc.

There are 3 types of websites:

  • A website with a blog
  • A website without a blog
  • A website where the main page is the blog

A Website with a Blog

Here is an example of a website with a blog. Ivy Newport is an artist and art teacher. When you go to her website you can see a link to her BLOG at the top on the menu bar.


website with blog

A Website without a Blog

Here is an example of a website without a blog. Auto Care East is a New York auto body repair shop. When you look at the website you can see services, specials, parking garages and contact us in the menu bar at the top.


Website without a Blog

A Website that IS a Blog

Here is an example of a website that IS a blog. Alisa Burke is an artist and she posts her latest projects and updates on the front page of her website in the form of a blog. This means that when you land on her website you will see blog posts on the front page organized by date. There is still a menu bar at the top but the front page is not a “static” page – it changes and updates when she publishes a new blog post.


blog website

Website vs Blog – Static and Active

  • Most websites have a menu bar a the top with an “About Us”, “Services” and “Contact” section. These are referred to as pages and these pages (About Us, Services, Contact) stay the same. The information contained within them does not often change and is considered static.
  • A blog or a blog section of a website is not static at all. It is not a page that contains one piece of information. It is made up of posts that show the date each post was published.
  • A blog will show the most recent posts first (at the top) and then as you scroll down it will show older posts based on the date they were published.

Do you Need to Have a Blog?

No, you do not have to have a blog. Situations where you may not need to have a blog include:

  • If you have a store in a busy, high traffic location you may not need a blog.
  • If you have an established business where you get your main client base through word of mouth you may not need to blog.
  • If you are marketing your business through social media and are getting plenty of customers this way you may not need to blog.
  • If you market your business successfully through newspapers, radio and TV you may not need to blog.

In fact, you may not have TIME to commit to blogging for your business and that is okay. The above scenarios are real. How many auto shops do you know that have a blog? None that I know of. Most of the time you go to a mechanic based on location or reputation – not on their blogging skills. Artists, on the other hand, are VISUAL and a blog is a perfect way for an artist to showcase her work. It just makes sense!

Who Should be Blogging?

If you are starting a new business or if you have a current business and are looking for another way to promote or market yourself (and your business), showcase your work, demonstrate your product etc. then a blog is a GREAT idea.

Why Should You Start a Business Blog?

A business blog is a fantastic way to get your name out there and to establish your credibility as a business owner in your industry. When you blog you are not only telling people what you do but you are showing them what you do, how you do it and why they should hire you or buy your product. Blogging also brings people back to your website again and again – and eventually turn website visitors into customers or clients.

Below is a great video by Roberto Blake that goes into more detail about the value and benefit of blogging for your business.

What about you? Do you have a blog? Are you thinking of starting a blog? Share your blog or website address in the comment section below!


Krista Tannahill
Krista Tannahill is a WordPress web designer & trainer, social media consultant and online marketing specialist in Nova Scotia, Canada. Ki Digital Media specializes in digital marketing, training and support for businesses.

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