Twitter Cuts Vine & Discontinues Video Sharing Vine App

Twitter has made it official. They are getting rid of Vine and cutting the video sharing App from their lineup of social media offerings. They are discontinuing the App that they launched only two years ago.

Vine, a 6 second video sharing social media platform, launched with great ratings and reviews in 2013. But in the digital world 3 years might as well be 300 years. Vine struggled to compete with the video streaming strategies put forward by Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook Video and the number of Vine users just could not compete with other social media platforms.

While Facebook is making great strides in the area of image and video streaming, Twitter continually lags behind. Part of their strategy appeared to hinge on video streaming and the move to dump Vine has baffled many.


What does this say about Twitter?

Twitter is struggling to find their place and to stay current with social media progress. In fact, on Thursday they announced their 3rd quarter results and once again their financial gains and growth has been slow. Steady, but slow.

Sort of like the world of iPhones and Blackberry, Twitter has not stepped up to the plate creatively speaking. With the launch of Facebook Live and the integration with Instagram (and Instagram stories) – users are busily sharing stories, photos, videos and more on Facebook (and Instagram and Snapchat and YouTube). Facebook is working overtime to stay ahead of the curve, is offering new technologies and making updates regularly. And what about Snapchat? Well, they are the darling of the teenage social media sphere.  Of course, YouTube is a video GIANT and is the top video streaming social media platform year after year (they are owned by Google).

That leaves Twitter. Twitter relies solely on micro-blogging. Small sentences and a couple of hashtags. The life of a Tweet is so short, you blink and you miss it. In fact, a new report shows that most Twitter users are not actually using Twitter.

Twitter by the numbers

  • 974 million Twitter accounts
  • Of the 974 accounts only 550 accounts have sent a tweet
  • Of the 974 accounts 391 million have NO followers
  • Of the 974 accounts there are only 241 million active twitter users
  • Tweets per user has declined by 50% since Aug 2014
  • Twitter’s earnings have remained steady at $600 million in Q1 and Q3 of 2016

Twitter’s business strategy for 2017

Based on Twitter’s recent Q3 2016 Earnings Call they are sticking to their plan to simplify and promote Twitter as it was originally intended. Hence, the discontinuation of Vine.

Last year, we set out to do three things: increase our discipline, simplify our service, and explain what Twitter is and why people should use it. This strategy is working.”

~ Jack Dorsey (TWTR) Q3 2016 Earnings Call Transcript


We intend to fully invest in our highest priorities and are de-prioritizing certain initiatives and simplifying how we operate in other areas. Over time, we will look to invest in additional areas, as justified by expected returns and business results. ”

~ Jack Dorsey (TWTR) Press Release

 twitter-ends-vine-discontinue-dead photo credit: Matt Nazario-Miller

The Vine App and video were never part of the original Twitter strategy. However, if Twitter wants to stay competitive they need to take some notes from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat which are ALL making great gains in video (YouTube, of course, is the number #1 social media platform for video).









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