What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization Made Easy

What is SEO? SEO is a way to ensure that your website will be found online. If you have a website or are planning to create a website using WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace or any other website builder it is important that you understand what Search Engine Optimization is.

Google Ranking & Google Pagerank

Google is the number one search engine in the world so it makes sense that you want your site to show up on page one when someone is searching for your website.

Your pagerank – where you show up on Google – will determine whether people actually find you online.

For example, when someone searches your website on google how many pages do they have go through before they find yours? If your site lands on page one you will have a lot more traffic to your website.

When you go to Google and you type in the main keywords for your business where does your website show up? Does it show up at all?

Showing up on Page One of Google

Below is an example of what I am talking about. When I go to Google and type in “Social Media Consultant Halifax” my website shows up on page one.

However, when searching on Google or any other search engine your results can be affected by your browsing history, cache, cookies etc. So you can clear your browsing history, cache and cookies before you search OR you can simply ask a friend or family member to search your keywords and see if your website shows up.

When I teach an Online Marketing or SEO class I have participants look up each others keywords to see where they show up. We check each out each other’s pagerank 🙂

What is seo? What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO made simple

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization involves a variety of strategies to help your site land on page one of google. This includes:

  • A Site Map
  • Keywords
  • Meta Tags
  • Link building
  • Images & Videos
  • Blogging
  • Content
  • Social Media

SEO Made Easy – Beginner Level

What is a Site Map?

A site map is designed to make it easy for Google to index your site and every page and post you have published. You don’t need to do anything with your site map other than install it on your website. The rest is done automatically by search engines. It is just a way to make it easy for search engines to find and index your content on the internet.

What are Keywords?

Keywords are the main words people will be searching in Google to find your website online. What will your customers or clients be looking for when they are searching for you online? If you are not sure, ask them! I highly recommend asking your clients or customers (or potential clients or customers) what they look for when searching online.

What is Link Building?

Whenever you create a post or page on your website add links to other posts or pages within your site.

Blogging & Content

Once you have your website up and running you need to regularly add content to it. The content you add to your site can be in the form of a blog post, an image, a video or even adding a testimonial. The key is to ensure you are consistently updating your site.

Why? Because search engines want to see that your site is active. It also helps potential customers and clients see that your business is current.

Social Media

Spread the word! Send people back to your website and attract new business by posting your website articles, blog posts, videos etc to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whichever social media platform you use. This is another way to drive traffic back to your website and increase your page views.

If people share your content on social media it will increase your website traffic and can help improve your page ranking.

The first MAJOR step of SEO is to understand that search engine optimization takes TIME and EFFORT to show up on page one of Google and even when you do – you still have to work to maintain your spot. It is an ongoing effort that is well worth the results.




Krista Tannahill
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