Queen’s Marque – Halifax, NS Waterfront Development

When I got the invite to attend an exclusive introduction and launch event at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic I was intrigued. When I saw that it was from The Armour Group Limited, I knew it was going to be something impressive.

The Armour Group is an industry leader in real estate development in Atlantic Canada and, it turns out, they are partnering with Waterfront Development to invest $200 million in the development of a landmark project on the Halifax waterfront that has been 10 years in the making.

Armour Group Queen's Marque


The project is called Queen’s Marque and it is a 450,000 square foot development on the Halifax waterfront to enhance the look, feel and view of the waterfront while staying true to the history and culture of our province. The project focuses on maintaining our heritage while cultivating an inviting space for visiting, dining, working and living.

Halifax Waterfront Development Queens Marque

The introductory launch which took place at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic was an hour long event and it was a full house. I managed to make my way to the front to get some video and photos. We heard from Mayor Mike Savage, Halifax Waterfront Developments and The Armour Group on the Queen’s Marque development project and the vision for the future of the Halifax waterfront.

“Halifax has room for it’s History while making a new statement about it’s present and it’s future.”

“When we build something on our waterfronts we want it to reflect greatness.”

“Our project isn’t local its deeply local”

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