How to Create a Twitter List

Do you ever get overwhelmed when you look at your twitter feed? Have you followed hundreds and hundreds of people and now you can’t find what you are looking for?

What is a Twitter List?

If you cant find the stuff that you really want to see on Twitter then Twitter Lists will help. Twitter Lists are an easy and fun way to organize your Twitter Feed. You can create separate lists (separate feeds) based on topics, industries or people you want to bump up to the front of the line in your feed (you want to see their tweets more than other people’s tweets).

How to Create a Twitter List

Step 1:

It is easy to create a list. Head on over to your twitter account and log in. Click on your profile picture and a pull down menu will show up. Click on “lists”

How to Create a Twitter List

Step 2:

You will see a “Create New List” button on the right hand side of your screen. Click on the button “Create New List”

What is a Twitter List

Step 3:

Name your Twitter List. I have a few lists. This one is going to be called Local Businesses so I can see what is going on in my business community. You can have a list for any topic you want.

You will see a “Privacy” option. You have the choice to make your list private or public. You may want to have a private list if you are going to follow your competitors. Or if you just don’t want others to see your list.

Twitter List

Step 4:

Now it’s time to add folks to your list. When you find a person or business you want to add to your list you click on the little wheel by their profile. Then a pull down menu appears and you choose “add or remove from list”. Click on “add or remove from lists”.

Twitter Lists for Business


Another window will pop up. This is where you choose what list you want the business or person to be added to. I chose Local Business. FYI – the lock icon by Local Business is because I made it a private group.


That’s it! You can now start adding folks to your lists!

How Do I View My Twitter Lists?

Viewing your Twitter Lists is easy. Click on your profile picture and a pull down menu appears. Click on “Lists”. Your lists will then appear. Click on the list you want to view. It will then show you all the tweets from the people and businesses you added to the list.

How to Create a Twitter List

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