Facebook is Updating Business Pages: What You Need to Know

Have you noticed any updates to your Facebook Business Page lately? Facebook is notifying business page owners of new changes that will be rolling out. Here are 3 changes and updates that have caught my eye.

Business Page Profile Image: From Square to Circular

The profile image of your Business Page will (or has already) changed from square to circular in News Feeds and on your Page Timeline. However, the larger profile picture on your page cover area will still remain square. This change is only for when people scroll through their new feeds or are looking at your business page timeline.




I received this pop-up yesterday. However, it states the Facebook Business Page updates will start to roll out in Aug. So, don’t be surprised if you log in and see that your profile pic for your business page looking different in the News Feed and Page Timeline.




Your business page photo will look more like a personal profile (they are circular) and won’t stand out as much. This change may actually be a good one.

“We’ve been testing design updates in News Feed and have seen encouraging results and feedback from this design update”

People want that personal touch on Facebook and seeing businesses in their feed all the time can be annoying. So now, instead of standing out as a business you will actually blend in (it’s a good thing in this case). Make sure you are posting eye catching and relevant content and photos/videos for your target audience because that is what grabs their attention.

Have you noticed this change yet? Take a look at your newsfeed in Facebook or your Business Page Timeline. It is a small change but may actually work better for businesses.


Add Yourself to the TEAM!

Facebook is getting personal now. Whenever I log into a client’s account to create a post, Facebook asks me to add myself to the TEAM (i.e. the Facebook Page). Adding yourself to the team means the page will notify visitors who is updating that page.


As a Social Media Consultant, I do not want to add myself to the team. Perhaps bigger organizations with multiple page admins would want to do this. Or, if you run a business and have several people acting as admins or editors you may want to have them show up on the page as a “team member” (their profile pic will show up on the right hand side of the page).

It is clear FB is trying to make visiting a page a more personal experience for customers by letting them know who manages the page.


Go Ahead and Give that Post a Boost – It will only cost ….

If you post something on your page and it does well (lots of likes and comments) Facebook will encourage you to boost the post. They even let you know how much money you can spend 😉 and how many people you can reach. Here is an example of the notification I received.




For business owners who have a Facebook Business Page these are the newest changes I have observed.


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