Advanced Social Media Training – Class Graduation NSHBA

I had a fantastic time teaching Advanced Social Media to the Nova Scotia Home Builders Association this year. This customized social media training covered the most popular social media platforms for designers and home builders in Canada.

From Houzz to Instagram we went in depth and looked at platform management, strategic posting, story telling and understanding analytics.

“Facebook is the number one social media platform in Canada. Canadians are on Facebook more frequently than any other country.”

We also focused on search engine optimization and how SEO applies to social media platforms, websites and images. There was some great discussion on how to boost rankings in Houzz and strategies on how to show up on page one of Houzz.

“The percentage of Houzz users from outside of the U.S. is 45%. 90% of Houzz users are home owners”

The Nova Scotia Home Builders Association offers a variety of courses, workshops and seminars for their members. The Advanced Social Media course was 11 weeks and took place in Halifax at the association. The bonus in this class was Daisy the class cat! She paid close attention.




During the course of the training (11 weeks) there were some great events being put on by the association including the Home Builders Real Home Show in Halifax with a big give away.



Teaching Advanced Social Media in Halifax to the Home Builders Association of Nova Scotia was a highlight! Thank you to the participants for joining my class and a big thank you to the NSHBA for hiring me to come in and facilitate this course.

Krista Tannahill
Krista Tannahill is a WordPress web designer & trainer, social media consultant and online marketing specialist in Nova Scotia, Canada. Ki Digital Media specializes in digital marketing, training and support for businesses.

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